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A one-off investment for the future

The future of compressed air is all about securing the most reliable performance, the highest energy efficiency and the lowest maintenance requirements. JustAir’s revolutionary technology does just that. In a robust and sustainable package backed by a comprehensive range of support services included free with every purchase.

Group 3

3-Stage High-Speed Turbo and waterlubricated screw compressor

Our 3-stage turbo technology uses permanent magnetic levitation to deliver extremely high levels of efficiency that set the standard in the industry. Just what you need to transform your plant into a sustainable and future-proof operation. For smaller airflow demand, we offer the waterlubricated screw compressor with high energy efficiency, almost isothermal compression with an air quality Class Zero PLUS.

Probably, the most sustainable oil-free compressor ever built

3-stage turbo compression

Less energy per CFM compared with 1 or 2-stage compression.

High efficiency synchronous motors

Setting the standard in efficient motor design.

Strong forces combined

Energy-saving, frictionless magnetic bearings

Speed regulation

Variable capacity adapted to your demand

Rotated by air

No bearings or gears, which means no friction, no lubricants, no chemical contamination and next to no maintenance or repairs.

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