Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Class Zero in the Compressed Air industry is used to indicate that the compressed air does not contain any ppm of oil. Still, the compressor can leak oil through the venting holes of the compressor blocks and the venting of the gearbox or leaking connections to the oil-cooler. Class Zero Plus uses no oil for lubrication but uses magnetic levitation instead. Zero oil is in the compressor.

Because the high speed technology is used, the whole installation is very compact and require little space and can be put outdoor.

JustAir is following every installation through the cloud based monitoring. The customers has also a remote view on the operating conditions of the installation.

The installation can be rented for a short to a long period.

The dewpoint can be selected either at +3 deg C either at -40 degC

The complete installation is super silent. On industrial sites where back ground noise can above 50dB, it is difficult to hear the installation running.

The JT-installation can be installed outdoor. The system is super silent and has no vibrations.