Rent / Leasing

Flexible solutions, oil-free on demand

Our unique rental concept delivers genuine flexibility, not just in your operations but above all, on your balance sheet! To keep your opex low and your capex free, so you can adapt quickly to fluctuations in both demand and supply.What you need, when you need it

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What you need, when you need it

Your needs are specific. And they change over time. Which is why JustAir adapts to you; not the other way around. The stepless, variable output of our high-speed turbo compressors means you only ever use what you need. And our unique, pay-as-you-go rental concept means you only ever pay for what you use.

In today’s unpredictable world, flexibility means everything


How we do it ?

Pay per m³

No hidden fees

At JustAir, you just pay for the air you use. At a fixed price per m3 agreed in advance. Keeping your operations flexible and your operating expenditure predictable.

Low running costs

The maintenance-free operation and energy-efficient performance of our advanced High-Speed Turbo compressors keep your costs low and your productivity high.

Transparent monitoring

Track your consumption and performance in real time via our fully connected digital interface. So you know exactly what you use and what it costs at a single glance.

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