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What is the future Sustainable Compressed Air Technology ?

The whole world is looking to become CO2 neutral, of which everybody will benefit. But how will the Compressed Air Industry contribute to the effort to reduce emissions. Compressed Air is responsible for 10% of the industrial electricity consumption.

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What is the future Sustainable Compressed Air Technology ?

What will the compressor technology, which at the same time can reduce the electricity consumption and the waste products, such as Oil contamination, filtration waste ? What if the compressor does not need oil for lubrication and cooling, then no oilfiltration and leakage will occur.
The high speed Turbo technology is using Magnetic levitation for which zero Oil is needed. The compressor is supported in a magnetic field and rotates frictionless in the air. No mechanical bearings nor gearing is needed. It reduces the energy consumption, eliminates the wear of the mechanical parts and eliminates the oil needed for lubrication and cooling.
Over the coming years, the shift towards High Speed Turbo technology will accelerate.
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