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JustAir presents at the Redburn Capital Goods Conference

JustAir will present its business model at the Redburn Conference "Air as a service". The most sustainable Class Zero Plus compressor technology becomes more accessible to the industry.

5 min.
JustAir presents at the Redburn Capital Goods Conference

The Air Compressor industry is responsible for 10% of the global Electricity consumption and on top, a lot of waste beging produced in the form of disposal of oil, condensate and filtration materials. The Air Compressor industry still promotes the polluting screw air compressors while more advanced clean air compressor technology is making its way to the market. The responsible decision makers for the large CAPEX of Air Compressors are risk averse and still choose the traditional technology. To reduce the risk, JustAir provides the technology on a risk free basis. Our commitment is to help the industry to faster shift towards clean technology which will help the climate change fight.